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By being a member of organized dentistry, you’re ensuring that your voice and the needs of the profession are being represented on every level. Whether you are looking for education, practice support, protection, or for a stronger voice in government, you’ve come to the right place! See below for additional reasons to become a member and what the ADA and NDDA can do for you!

It's easy to become a member! Simply apply online at Online Tripartite Membership Application or download and complete the Tripartite Membership Application. Send completed application by email or mail to the following, or contact the NDDA if you have any questions or would like more information. North Dakota Dental Association
PO Box 1332
Bismarck, ND 58502
Phone: 701-223-8870


The NDDA's strives to build member value by focusing on the following four solutions:
1. Improve dental Medicaid with adequate funding, reduced administrative burden, and vigorous dentist recruitment.
2. Maximize the current dental hygiene and assistant workforce through expanded training programs, community outreach, and case management to connect more high-risk patients to a dental home.
3. Expand and support non-profit safety-net clinics through public-private grant partnerships and dentist loan repayment programs.
4. Engage with tribal communities to improve Indian Health Service dentistry, maximize prevention, reduce credentialing barriers, and facilitate contracting with the local dental community.

The NDDA also offers numerous other benefits for added member value.

Simple Solutions to Daily Problems
When you choose the North Dakota Dental Association and the American Dental Association, you’re getting more than just a membership. You’re unlocking access to tailored support for some of the most complicated issues that you’ve said come along with being a dentist*.

Provider Issues
Confused by the complicated processing of dental benefit claims? Unravel your questions with an expert via the ADA's Third Party Payer Concierge. Speak to someone directly about your provider issue by calling 312-440-2500 or emailing

Financial Frustrations
Struggling with student loan debt? Consolidate Your Loans with Laurel Road, the ADA’s exclusive partner for student debt refinancing. Members receive an additional 0.25% rate reduction that could save an average of $33,000.

Staying Current with Clinical
With all the unreliable research that’s one click away, you can’t just search your way to the answer. That’s why so many let the ADA do the heavy lifting for them. Call the ADA Library & Archives at 800-621-8099 (or email and visti for evidence based resources. Clinical Practice guidelines and policies, as well as Ace Panel reports (a network of practicing dentists who share their opinions on topics and products) and the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) are all available online to help you find what you need from experts and data you can trust.

NDDA Newsletter and monthly eUpdates: Newsletter is published three times a year and eUpdates are sent monthly. These communications provide information on the activities surrounding the Association and issues pertinent to the members.

Insurance: The NDDA endorsed insurance agency is Harold Diers and Company, owned by Bob and Marilyn Diers. NDDA members are eligible for the NDDA group-discounted disability, office overhead insurance plans and the ID Theft Assist plan. Also available are complete packages of property and casualty insurance designed specifically for dental practices, including professional liability (malpractice) coverage, Health Savings Account Qualified Health Insurance and Life Insurance. For more information, contact Bob or Marilyn Diers at 800-444-1330, or visit the website at

Discounted CE Registration: As an NDDA member you will receive a discounted rate to attend the Annual Meeting and Mid-Winter Meetings.

Discounts: Visit the ADA Endorsed Companies page to learn of other great benefits available to you as an ADA/NDDA member.

Get tailored support today for your most pressing issues. Choose the North Dakota Dental Association and the ADA now. Visit to learn more.