PDMP Registration

Registering for a PDMP Direct Access Account

The North Dakota Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: Registering for a PDMP Direct Access Account The 2005 North Dakota Legislative Assembly authorized the implementation of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), in the North Dakota Century Code chapter 19-03.5 and rules of the Board of Pharmacy. The intent of the program is to protect the public from drug diversion and misuse through encouraging cooperation and coordination among state, local and federal agencies. Specific initiatives include early identification of individuals involved in diversion or abuse of controlled substances and the education of the public, prescribers, pharmacists, and law enforcement. Sharing of patient profiles between healthcare providers has been approved when a patient is receiving care from multiple prescribers and dispensers.

The PDMP is a secure and HIPAA-compliant online database of all Schedule II, III, IV, and V controlled substances dispensed in the state of North Dakota or for patients residing in North Dakota. All controlled substance prescriptions dispensed for a North Dakota resident are transferred to the PDMP data repository by the dispenser on a daily basis. All out-of-state pharmacies licensed with the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy also submit data on controlled substance prescriptions dispensed for North Dakota residents.

The PDMP can be utilized by healthcare workers, law enforcement, and the public. All qualified Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Licensed Addiction Counselors may access profile information on their individual patients through an online Direct Access Account.

The PDMP exists as one of the most powerful tools that Dentists have in helping to identify misuse. If you do not use the PDMP in your daily routine of patient care, we encourage you to do so. As you are well aware, the dental profession is often targeted by those looking to obtain narcotics for non-medical uses. Cooperation between all entities should help facilitate patient therapy improvement and ensure the health and safety of the citizens of our state and region. Please consider signing up for an account and utilizing it in your daily practice. Also it is important to note that you may also allow delegates (dental hygienists) to get their own account to look up patients on the authority of the dentist.

To create your ND Prescription Monitoring Program Direct Access account:

  1. Go to https://northdakota.pmpaware.net/identities/new
  2. Enter your email address and password (At least 8 characters, upper & lower case letter, and punctuation or symbol) and click Register.
  3. Select your role, for example click the arrow next to Healthcare Professional and then select the box next to Dentist or Prescriber Delegate-licensed and click on the Update User Roles and Continue button.
  4. Fill in the online form. If you are a dental hygienist please select the “I am a delegate for…” box and enter the email address of your Dentist who already has an account and you work with (from any location). Click the Finish button.
  5. You’ll receive two emails. One with an email verification link you must click on and the other contains an agreement that requires a notary signature and needs to be uploaded or faxed back to 701-328-9536.

The administrator will review your application and if everything is in order, will approve it. You can then go to https://www.nodakpharmacy.com/pdfs/AWARxErequest.pdf for a one page “how to” for pulling the best results when you make a request.

If you have questions please contact 701-328-9537, email PDMP@nd.gov for assistance or call the 24 hour support line at 855-563-4767. More information can be found at www.nodakpharmacy.com.

Information provided by the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy