North Dakota Dental Association
2020 Mid-Winter Meeting

Thank you for attending the 2020 Annual Mid-Winter Meeting!  We hope you enjoyed the lectures provided by our amazing speakers, Dr. Steven Rasner and Dianne Testa, RDH. Listed below are the CE certifications for their lectures. Should you have any questions, please contact the NDDA office.  

CE Certification - Dianne Testa - Ethics & Jurisprudence
CE Certification - Dr. Steven Rasner - Atraumatic Extractions for the GP

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Session meeting in Bismarck, September 17-19, 2020 and joining us for the Mission of Mercy on May 1-2, 2020.

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Schedule of Events - 2020 Mid-Winter Meeting

"Atraumatic Extractions for the GP" (6 CEs)
Presented by Steven Rasner, DMD, MAGD

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Course Synopsis:
Practitioners who strive to maintain independence from the toxic tentacles of third party insurance must develop skill sets that motivate patients to go out of network to seek their care. This class is part of a series designed to enable the GP to do just that. This course will focus on atraumatic tooth removal.

Is it really possible to master in one day the surgical procedures you’re currently referring out. The answer is a resounding YES. This action-packed class will provide a step by step blueprint for success at a wide array of surgical procedures. In his warm and witty way, Dr. Rasner will cover everything from pre-op patient preparation to scheduling to post-op instructions, all in a comfortable, question-inviting atmosphere.

This course has been carefully designed for maximum learning by integrating didactic and audio/visual aides. You will leave ready to return to your practice, start providing these procedures, and keep more production in-house.

Participants will learn:
• Safe patient selection and avoiding red flags
• Case presentation and fees
• Pre- and post-op pharmacology
• New, predictable, and safe enteral sedation protocol
• Biology of angiogenesis
• Technique for atraumatic extractions (all possibilities except 3rd molars)
• Socket preservation: the ideal cocktail
• Grafting of sockets (including use of allografts, membranes and tac gun)
• Required armamentarium for predictable outcomes
• Suturing techniques: interrupted, continuous, horizontal & vertical mattress


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