What's New January and February 2020 Edition

What To Do if You Get a Call from OCR

If a dental practice reports a data breach to the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), or if a news item leads OCR to believe that there may be a breach at the dental practice, the agency may call to investigate, especially if the breach involved more than 500 patients. HIPAA compliance work and documentation should be up-to-date and available, so that if OCR calls you are prepared to submit a timely response demonstrating compliance.

Webinar: Marijuana and the Dental Workplace 

This on-demand webinar with Cathryn E. Albrecht, Esq., ADA Senior Associate General Counsel, covers various aspects of marijuana usage and how it may af-fect the dental workplace. Topics covered include: basic terminology, federal and state laws, trends concerning marijuana and employment, and considerations for how marijuana laws may affect the dental workplace and your practice.

ADA Survey: Employee Theft in the Dental Practice

Despite being a reality in every industry, employee theft is something no one wants to talk about or admit has happened in their business. Yet it happens in all types of industries, including dental practices. Based on results from a 2018 sur-vey conducted by the ADA’s Council on Dental Practice, this article offers some actions that may help safeguard practices from theft by employees.

You’ll Need a Lawyer (to Help with Your Practice Transition)
Video from the ADA BIG Idea 2019: Transitions Conference 

As dentists consider leaving their practice, they are faced with a variety of op-tions, including selling outright, engaging in a partnership or hiring an associate with the opportunity to buy, entering into a solo group arrangement, merging with another practice, or simply closing their doors. In this recording, William Prescott discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Rethinking Five-star Customer Service
Featured article from the Winter 2020 Dental Practice Success

As dentistry continues to change, practices that offer five-star service will con-tinue to flourish and differentiate themselves from the competition. Dr. Roger P. Levin offers six strategies that can help you raise your customer service game.