What's New September October

Videos: Sell Your Dental Practice the Most Tax Efficient Way

Dental practices contain many different types of assets, both tangible and intangi-ble and each asset being sold requires thought and planning. Accounting and tax rules must be adhered to when you sell your dental practice. In these recordings of material presented at the ADA BIG Idea 2019: Transitions conference, Allen Schiff teaches you how to structure asset allocation to minimize taxes and maxi-mize value when selling your dental practice.

Video: 15 Ways to Increase Practice Value ASAP

Prior to exiting your practice, it’s important to take steps to increase its value by understanding essential data that you can measure and review. In this recording from the ADA BIG Idea 2019: Transitions conference, Roger Levin walks you through key steps, including: creating a financial plan, conducting a practice anal-ysis, determining growth targets, addressing the status of your team, prioritizing needs, eliminating debt, and finding a broker.

Video: Plan Your Exit Strategy

Building is one thing, but transitioning what you value in your practice is some-thing entirely different. In this recording from the ADA BIG Idea 2019: Transitions conference, Kirk Dewart teaches you the right time to formulate a plan, what you should look for in an associate or buyer, how you can help the buyer prepare, and helps you establish realistic expectations for preserving your legacy.

Beyond the Mouth Podcast Season Two

In season two of Beyond the Mouth, Dr. Betsy Shapiro chats with a diverse group of people on non-clinical topics ranging from dental benefits to volunteering and more. A special episode features an interview with ADA president Dr. Chad Gehani. Episodes from Season 2 of Beyond the Mouth are being released every other Wednesday through December 11.

Webinar: Marijuana Use Among Our Dental Patients

Marijuana usage is on the rise. This on-demand webinar focuses on the use of marijuana by our patients and explores a culture that is embracing its medicinal and recreational use in daily life. Patient care issues, legal issues and how to ask a patient about marijuana use are discussed, with special emphasis placed on how dental state boards may have to respond to patient-dentist interactions surrounding marijuana usage from not only the patient but the dentist.