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North Dakota Dental Association Mid-Winter Meeting

Thank you for attending the Mid-Winter Meeting! 
Please click on the attached documents to print your corresponding CE certification.  The speaker handouts are also available ​below. 

CE Certifications

Drugs & Dentistry -  CE Certification - Karen Baker - Drugs and Dentistry & Dr. Charles Crago - Guidelines for Prescription Opioids (PDF)

Speaker Presentation Documents 

Infection Control - Dr. Brad Kasson - 2 CEs
Resource - CDC Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings

Drugs & Dentistry - Karen Baker, BS, MS - 6 CEs

Useful Drug & Dental Management References (PDF)
Drugs and Dentistry: New Issues and Newer Solutions (PDF)
Dental Treatment Recommendations According to Measurement of High Blood Pressure (PDF)
An Update on Antibiotic Prophylaxis (PDF)
Drug Interactions Important in Clinical Dentistry (PDF)
College of Dentistry Adult Medical History Form (PDF)
Adverse Reactions to Biologic Agents and their Medical Management (PDF)
Biological Therapy and Dentistry (PDF)
JNC 8 Hypertension Guideline Algorithm (PDF)
Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Position Paper (PDF)
Drug-Induced QT Interval Prolongation Recognition and Avoidance (PDF)

Guidelines for Prescription Opioids - Dr. Charles Crago
Acute Pain Opiod Prescribing Guidelines (PDF)