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North Dakota Dental Foundation

The North Dakota Dental Foundation was established in 1986 by members of the North Dakota Dental Association with a goal to foster and promote dental health in North Dakota.  Over the course of its 30-year history the Foundation has served as an important way for dental professionals to give back to their communities.

In 2015 with its dissolution, the Dental Service Corporation of Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND, gifted the North Dakota Dental Foundation a substantial endowment.  The NDDF’s board saw the endowment as an opportunity to impact the oral health of our state for generations to come.

To fulfill this vision, the NDDF expanded its board from 6 to 15 members, moving beyond simply providers to invite legislators and impact organizations to participate. The NDDF also entered into an exciting partnership with the Dakota Medical Foundation (DMF) of Fargo.   DMF brings their experience in innovative leadership and foundation acumen along with important access to partnerships and grant opportunities.  We are working hard to take a leadership role in investing in exciting and impactful areas with the goal of improving oral health for all North Dakotans.

Our support and investment is focused on three strategic areas:

1:  Removing barriers to dental care - specifically underserved populations and at-risk groups
2:  Prevention of oral disease 
3:  Preparing a well-trained and adequate dental workforce

The North Dakota Dental Foundation is a vehicle to help underserved residents of North Dakota who do not have access to dental care by conventional means.  We give dentists, volunteers and donors the opportunity to experience the collective power of giving to those in need.  

We would love for you to be involved!

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Scott Anderson
North Dakota Dental Foundation
Executive Director 
4141 28th Ave S, Fargo, 
ND 58104