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Annual Session

Registration Now Open for the 119th Annual Session!

September 14-16, 2017 | Fargo, ND

2017 Annual Session

Mark Your Calendars Now!
September 14-16, 2017 
We look forward to seeing you there!
Participant Registration NOW OPEN via online or mail

Registration Information/Booklet 

To register by mail - download booklet, complete and return page 7 along with payment.  To register online, click "Register Now" above.  2017 NDDA Annual Session Registration Booklet

Exhibitor Prospectus Now Available  
NDDA 2017 Annual Session Exhibitor Prospectus

Schedule of Events:  2017 Annual Session Schedule

Golf Hole and Sponsorship opportunities available!

Contact Tracy at (701) 223-8870 or email to

Speakers Include (see below for detailed course offerings):

Dr. Jack Griffin, Jr. - Let’s Grow Tooth (6 CEs)
Dr. Mel Hawkins - Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, Medical Emergencies in Life! (AM session-3CEs)
Dr. Mel Hawkins - Local Anesthesia: 30+ Years of Hits, Misses and Near Misses (PM Session-3 CEs) 

Golf Tournament - Thursday, Sept 14

Rose Creek Golf Course
1500 East Rose Creek Parkway South
Fargo, ND
12:00 pm Shot-gun Start
Hole Sponsorship Opportunities Available!
Contact Tracy at NDDA office (701) 223-8870 or email to:

Hotel / Venue - Ask for ND Dental Association Room Block

(formerly Ramada Plaza Suites & Convention Center)
1635 42nd Street South
Fargo, ND 58103
Reservations Telephone: (844) 802-9814 (before August 15th - ND Dental Association room block)

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​Additional Sleeping Rooms:
Expressway Suites
4303 17th Avenue South
Fargo, ND 
Reservations Telephone:  (877) 239-4303 (before August 14th - ND Dental Association room block)

Speaker Topic Highlights / Objectives

Dr. Jack Griffin, Jr. - Friday, September 15th 

Let’s Grow Tooth …Excellent clinical dentistry using bioactive/regenerative materials. (6 CEs)
Ever had a patient say “Doc, that tooth was never a problem until you fixed it”? Let’s stop the madness. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make the tooth grow? With newer regenerative/bioactive materials we can stimulate dentin healing and self-repair in our direct and indirect restorations all while reducing sensitivity. We will learn indications for newer liners, bases, cements, and restorative materials that encourage dentin repair, lessen sensitivity, and promote a healthier oral environment. We will apply these newer materials in our direct composite restorations while exploring matrix systems for predictable, tight, well contoured contacts. We will also consider regenerative materials when doing dentin replacement and cementation of durable esthetic indirect restorations like lithium disilicate and zirconia. We will learn how to do it right the first time and to make the practice more enjoyable and efficient.

Learning Objectives
1. The latest in regenerative materials such as dentin liners for dentin sealing, pulp capping, and thermal insulation for increased comfort and restoration success.
2. Cementation and infrastructure for zirconia and lithium disilicate crowns with materials that promote dentin formation and sealing of the restoration margins.
3. Efficient direct composite placement – preparation, bonding, matrix selection, bulk fill and bioactive materials for long term oral health.

Dr. Mel Hawkins - Saturday, Sept. 16th (6 CEs for both sessions)

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office – Medical Emergencies in Life! (AM Session - 3 CEs)
As health professionals we must be increasingly aware that we are treating an aging and pharmacologically drug dependent and ambulatory population. How can we be expected to respond/react to life threatening situations when they "never occur?"

Simplicity! Practical equipment adjuncts, a few good drugs, "red flags" of predisposing medical conditions, vasoconstrictor interactions and local anesthetic overdoses will be assessed. The syncope algorithm is universally applicable to initially treating ANY and ALL emergencies. The team approach is emphasized.

Morbidity/mortality case reports, anecdotes including situations encountered in over 40 years in dentistry will cover dental office, family, neighborhood, shopping center and sports experiences.

Learning Objectives
1.  Appreciate the differences between true emergencies, urgencies, annoyances and non-events.
2.  Comprehend the pharmacology of a very few drugs including oxygen and make an emergency kit.
3.  Consider the physiological differences between the adult, the child and the senior citizen.
4.  To address the question, “How can we be expected to treat a medical emergency when they "just never happen" ( or do they?)”.
5.  Assess Case Reports, in the dental office and in day-to-day life.
6.  Acquire confidence in the standard approaches for any emergency, by knowing syncope management and by doing mock simulations.

Local Anesthesia: 30+ Years of Hits, Misses and Near Misses - Technique and Pharmacology (PM Session - 3 CEs)
Local anesthesia pharmacology IS technique and local anesthetic technique IS pharmacology.

The participant will learn to enhance local anesthesia techniques via the clinical application of modern pharmacology and multi-tasking with advanced block approaches and infiltration.

The Akinosi, Gow-Gates, Conventional Inferior Alveolar block techniques including lingual infiltration of mandibular permanent molars are shown.

Product selection, what's new including the current status of articaine, reversal agents, buffering systems, inhalational local anesthetics, what's upcoming and much more is presented.

Learning Objectives
1.  Appreciate the anatomy of local anesthesia.
2.  Understand the influence of tissue and product pH.
3.  Multitask with combinations of techniques, volume and make intelligent choices as to which local anesthetics might be used and when.
4.  Understand vasoconstrictors, their drug interactions, blood pressure influences and what to use, what not to use and why.
5.  Apply 12 tips and tricks learned over 30+ years.
6.  Assess and critique case reports and respond to, "What would you do now, Doctor?"